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The Board of Directors for both ACSA and AGI are diligently monitoring the circumstances involving the new coronavirus, COVID-19, and as such they are taking necessary measures related to their respective organizations and the Aquarina Community.

Below are recent updates from each organization and corresponding publications. Updates are being sent by email and uploaded here.

ACSA Update 10262020

ACSA Update 09172020

ACSA COVID-19 Task Force Presentation 08252020

ACSA / AGI Update 08142020

ACSA / AGI Update 08052020

ACSA Update 07092020

ACSA COVID-19 Task Force Presentation 06232020

ACSA Update 06092020

ACSA Update 06042020

ACSA Update 05182020

ACSA Update 05072020

ACSA Update 05042020

ACSA Update 04282020

ACSA Update 04222020

ACSA COVID-19 Task Force Presentation 04142020

ACSA Update 04082020

ACSA Update 04062020

ACSA Update 04032020 (2)

AGI Update 04032020

ACSA Update 04032020 (1)

ACSA Update 04012020

ACSA Update 03302020

ACSA Update 03282020

ACSA Update 03262020

ACSA COVID-19 Task Force Presentation 03242020

Gov Executive Order 20-80 03242020 (“14 day self isolation/quarantine for departures from NY, NJ, CT into FL”)

Florida Dept of Health COVID-19 Data & Map Dashboard

Aquarina Utilities News Feed RE: COVID-19

AGI Update 03222020

AGI Update 03212020

ACSA Update 03202020

ACSA Update 03182020

AGI Update 03182020

President’s Coronavirus Guidelines

COVID-19 Prompts Closing of All Beachside Public Parking 03182020

AGI Update 03172020

ACSA Update 03162020

AGI Update 03152020